Resume - J.D. Bruewer

Experienced new media content manager, journalist and media specialist — More than 18 years of experience as a journalist, manager and editor. More the one year of experience in public relations and marketing. I have a proven history at building Web communities; talent for building relationships and I am an excellent problem solver; unconventional thinker and great utility player.

Pardon the dust

As time permits, I'm updating this site. In the meantime, please excuse any busted links or ugly design. I'm trying out a few new ideas.

Bruewer named Shining Star

In 2009, Freedom Communications honored J.D. Bruewer for his efforts in support of new media projects.

Read about it here

Practically American

Riding the 8-ball: A first timer's take on autocross

Original story in Porsche Club July 2005 newsletter. Story starts on Page 18

Editors note: I was really pleased that my brother in law was able to pop out to NH to enjoy the weekend and spend some time at an NCR event. Jeff is a professional newspaper man so I am especially thankful that he was able to write a quick story.

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